Beach Wedding

So you want to get married on the beach, a destination wedding maybe? The best things about traveling to your destination are first, inclusive resorts offer extra wedding/honeymoon packages. Second, simple works great… you already have remarkable scenery and lastly, no traveling to your vacation destination after the wedding, you’re already there. Simple decor hung from the white garden chairs really pop.

Teal and aqua fabrics adds to the natural beauty.

Archways, trellises, white voile…simple, easy… whatever you like. Cocktail tables with plain linens or bright colors, it won’t take much to make this the most breathtaking view of your life.

Top it off with a heart castle in the sand and rose petals. A memory you’ll never forget and your pictures will be amazing.


Crowning Glory



The beautiful flower crown can be an alternative to the traditional veil. This year brides are choosing to wear both, and it’s beautiful together! Crowns are no longer limited to a summer wedding. These romantics accessories are made for every season and theme.


We are seeing floral crowns incorporated in to many wedding styles.  They are really popular with rustic, country chic, garden and other outdoor themes.  Often a veil just doesn’t seem to “fit” less formal outdoor weddings but the bride may still want to add an embellishment in her hair. A floral crown may be the perfect choice.



Not only do floral crowns work well for brides but flower girls look adorable wearing them. And for a sweet surprise, your bridesmaids can wear them, too!