Character themed events…

From a Cinderella wedding to a Mad Hatter tea party Birthday, putting your own twist on classic stories for your themed events… balloon sculptures can help you create an entire theme easily, air filled balloons are a great way to make and unbelievably great piece add a few card board characters and you have something like this… or a balloon archway to transform a room…

How about a Sleeping Beauty Birthday?

Custom cakes can be made for any idea you have or any event you want.

Elaborate centerpieces can be designed and displayed to wow your guests…

Finally, the effect to take the cake, quite literally… Disney interactive wedding cakes, directly licensed by Disney.

Check out the Disney Wedding site for more info.

Make your event truly spectacular and ask your event coordinator to help you design the event of your dreams. Anything you can think of can be made to come to life.


Designing The Perfect Summer Party


Summertime has been the time for relaxation and fun for many years. We grow up enjoying summers away from school as a time to enjoy not having the responsibility of school work. No wonder there are still so many adults who look forward to this time of the year and summer entertaining.

Here are some of our ideas for creative summer entertaining.  

Turn a weeknight BBQ dinner into something special.  Tie a sheet up in a tree and invest in a portable projector.  Hooked up to your laptop, you can host your own alfresco outdoor movie night. Turn your backyard into your own private theatre. Setup the hammock, and arrange outdoor furniture.  Throw pillows and blankets on the grass.  Serve some  movie theatre cuisine with a twist ! Think  truffled  popcorn, sliders, and homemade sodas.




Picnic blankets don’t need to be red and white gingham.  Why not bring your oriental outside and patchwork them on the lawn? As long as the weather is fair – bring indoor furniture outside for a special alfresco experience – dining tables, chairs, lamps – etc.  Alternatively, bring the outdoors in by repurposing gardening tools as serving pieces for a summer salad station.  We love using gardening trowels as spoons for an outdoorsylook and feel.  And it goes without saying that the spoils of summer – flowers, foliage, fruits, and vegetables – are a reminder of the season.





Ice Cream has so many flavors and new artisanal vendors these days! Adults and children alike will enjoy a good old-fashioned Ice Cream Social.  Get creative with boozy ice cream creations for grownups like Bourbon Vanilla Milkshakes. Get out your soda glasses!

Keep it simple, but undeniably elegant by incorporating antique elements into your table decor. Crystal glasses and aged golden candle holders sitting on top of a bare picnic table combine to present a rustic, yet graceful setting. Building on this idea, use flowers to add pops of color to your party. Lights…..Use lots of lights!




Beers, sodas, and wines don’t need to be chilled in ugly coolers.  Presentation is obviously everything – think about what you might have in your home that could be repurposed as coolers. Wheelbarrows, inflatable kiddie pools, bathtubs, canoes, and rowboats are all great coolers when filled with ice and bottled drinks!











12′ x 12′ : 32 people or 144 square feet
12′ x 20′ : 52 people or 240 square feet
16′ x 16′ : 56 people or 256 square feet
18′ x 18′ : 72 people or 324 square feet
16′ x 24′ : 85 people or 384 square feet
20′ x 20′ : 88 people or 400 square feet
16′ x 28′ : 100 people or 448 square feet
18′ x 26′ : 104 people or 468 square feet
24′ x 24′ : 128 people or 576 square feet
26′ x 26′ : 150 people or 676 square feet
20′ x 40′ : 178 people or 800 square feet
30′ x 30′ : 200 people or 900 square feet
36′ x 36′ : 288 people or 1,296 square feet
40′ x 40′ : 355 people or 1,600 square feet

***REMEMBER! The best way to calculate how many square feet you will need is take the total number of guests, divide by 2 (because only 1/2 the people will dance at one time), and multiply by 4.5 square feet per person. This gives you the approximate square footage you will need for dancing, and then use this chart to pick the dimensions closest to that number.

Example: 200 guests/2 = 100 people * 4.5 sq ft = 450 sq ft.