Paris Is Always A Good Idea…


We had a blast designing this Paris themed Bat Mitzvah!   Since this is our blog, we thought we should showcase some of our work for a change!


The beautiful handmade photo booth backdrop along with 3ft. balloons!


The lounge area next to the dance floor for the kids to hang out!



Beautiful flowers on the seating card table.



Seating cards with individual personalized perfume bottle and rose per person.



One of the beautiful round tables!


View of the room with a mixture of round and rectangle tables.



Simple cocktail tables for appetizers prior to the party.


Custom candle lighting table next to the white dance floor.






Custom made DJ sign




What would Paris be without shopping for beauty supplies? Custom Made Beauty bar and giveaways!

20161105_182413 (1).jpg









Various Venues For The Occasions…


Any number of buildings and locations can make a perfect wedding reception venue! Picking which venue will likely be one of the most difficult decisions of your entire planning process. Here are some ideas to help out. Ideally, this process should be started a year prior to the event!

Hotel wedding reception. There are so many different types of hotel that there’s likely to be something for everyone. Having accommodations for you and your guests is a big plus!

Historic wedding reception . This choice offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy the use of a stunning building.


Restaurant wedding reception. Food and drink are among the main ingredients for a successful wedding reception! You’re more likely to find a good match if your wedding party is smaller.

Sports or social club wedding reception. Different types of club premises can be perfect for a wedding reception. Many offer a stunning location.

Tented wedding reception. If you have access to spacious gardens or other outdoor space, a tented wedding could be worth considering.