Paris Is Always A Good Idea…


We had a blast designing this Paris themed Bat Mitzvah!   Since this is our blog, we thought we should showcase some of our work for a change!


The beautiful handmade photo booth backdrop along with 3ft. balloons!


The lounge area next to the dance floor for the kids to hang out!



Beautiful flowers on the seating card table.



Seating cards with individual personalized perfume bottle and rose per person.



One of the beautiful round tables!


View of the room with a mixture of round and rectangle tables.



Simple cocktail tables for appetizers prior to the party.


Custom candle lighting table next to the white dance floor.






Custom made DJ sign




What would Paris be without shopping for beauty supplies? Custom Made Beauty bar and giveaways!

20161105_182413 (1).jpg









Honey… Bee Mine

For a sweet event, a honey bee theme is perfect. Filled with bright colors of yellow and flavors of delectable honey, this is a unique way to celebrate and most certainly a memorable one.


There are so many plays on words you can incorporate into a honey bee themed occasion, such as “Meant to Bee” or “Bride to Bee”, so let your creativity fly

Obviously you’ll want to bring honey flavors into as much as your party food as you can, so opt for honey cocktails with actual honeycombs as garnishes, cakepops in the shape of honeycombs themselves, detailed sugar cookies in the shapes of honey bees and even honey flavored hard candies in containers that look like bee keeper boxes. The possibilities  are endless with this sweet theme!


































Ring in the holidays !!

There is no better way  than to celebrate the holidays with cool vintage champagne  and wine glasses. There are so many beautiful styles to choose from! The colors are endless!







There is no reason to spend a fortune on them. Check out your local thrift store, antique sales, garage sales and estate sales  to build your collection throughout  the year !






Fresh Flowers For the Occasion..






I love cutting fresh flowers from my garden to use for all kinds of events. What a great way to brighten up your mood! Over the years, I have learned a few things to help enjoy them longer. Always thoroughly wash and rinse your vase and fill with cold water. Cut steams at an angle and place them right into the vase. Keep the flowers out of the direct sunlight and change the water every other day. The possibilities are endless this time of year!