Interview with Amy Lewis and her fab company…Makeup by Amy Lewis



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is the owner of the Michigan based  company, Makeup by Amy Lewis, and seriously one of the sweetest and most talented women I know.  In this interview Amy and I discuss how her career started, what makes her unique, and top questions brides should ask their Makeup artists. Go grab yourself a cup of something good and enjoy!



Tell us something about yourself and your business.

I am a professional makeup artist/business owner of Makeup by Amy
Lewis. I live in Monroe, MI but I am able to travel to all parts of Southeast
Michigan and Northwest Ohio. In the past I have worked for MAC Cosmetics, and
now freelance for cosmetic company Benefit. I graduated from the
University of Toledo with my Bachelor’s degree, which has helped me greatly in
running a successful business.

I take pride in providing the greatest on-site beauty experience for the bride who wants
refreshingly modern, yet naturally classic bridal makeup styling. Working with
brides and the bridal party is such a lovely experience. Being part
of the excitement that morning is an extraordinary feeling and its so
satisfying for me to see a woman transformed into a confident, glowing bride. I
specialize in makeup for Weddings, Photography, & Special Events.


How did you decide to become a makeup artist? Who or what inspired you to become involved in

My fierce passion for makeup began at a young age. I distinctly recall discovering my mom’s makeup bag for
the first time. I began digging through it as if it were a treasure chest,
examining each item with great curiosity and wonder. That eventually led me to
the MAC counter where I would linger and watch the artists working on their
clients, taking note of their techniques and color choices. I made it my goal
to become a glamorous MAC Makeup Artist one day. I went on to make this goal
many years later, and realized my potential to share my talent with people
outside of the realm of retail. My favorite part of being a makeup artist is
not just the transformation, but showing my client the finished look. The look
of absolute amazement in her eyes and the smile on her face are things I will
never stop enjoying. I especially appreciate the honor of a bride including me
in her wedding day and trusting me to make her look incredibly stunning on her
wedding day. Every day I feel very lucky and privileged to have a job I simply
love doing!




What makes you unique? What separates you from other makeup artists?

I think what makes me unique as a makeup artist is that I work with each of my brides one-on-one.
I enjoy getting to know my clients and their needs, that way we are both on the
same page and everyone is 100% happy. Having offered professional makeup
services for over five years, I’m able to interpret clients’
specifications and preferences to create gorgeous makeup styles.  My goal
is to give you elegant and polished makeup, putting your best face
forward, so you look and feel beautiful!


Where do you get your inspiration from?

I find inspiration in magazines, beauty blogs, social media, photography,
and the red carpet. It’s also fun to visit Sephora and other cosmetic counters
to explore new products/colors!




What should brides ask when booking you as their makeup artist?

Many brides’ first question is usually “how much?” While it is important to stick to your
budget, your makeup/hair is absolutely crucial on your wedding day. The
difference between everyday makeup and bridal makeup is there are different
products/techniques involved to allow the makeup to withstand heat, sweat,
tears, and a very long day. Most brides invest quite a bit in their
photographer that all goes to waste if your makeup does not photograph well. I
cannot tell you how many people I’ve met that regret not hiring a professional
makeup artist for their wedding. I even hired a trusted professional for my own
wedding day!




Some questions you should ask those you are considering to provide makeup for you on
the biggest day of your life:


1)    What products/brands are in your kit?
2)    Are you licensed/certified?
3)    Do you provide airbrush makeup or hand-applied makeup?
4)    Will you travel to me?
5)    How much experience do you have doing weddings? What style of
bridal makeup do you like best?

6)    If you have any skin concerns (oily, dry, rosacea, acne) you
should ask for their advice and what they recommend to decrease these issues.

7)    Are you able to accommodate large bridal parties?


How can future clients contact you?

I can be reached at 419-704-6981 Monday- Friday from 10:00am to 4:00pm. You can also email
me anytime at
If you’d like to read reviews and check out my most recent work, please visit
my page My online portfolio can be
viewed at


Thanks Amy!






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