Gifting your guests…?

Pretty Little Things

“Wedding favours”

A concept I have never fully understood….


Let me take you back a few years to a memory of mine when I was a child…
Visting my grandma one day she handed me a little ivory organza bag filled with what I thought was a few slightly deformed mini eggs…
How wrong was I.. What I had actually scoffed was a Sugared Almond!
NOT quite what I was expecting.

After swiftly discarding of this delight my grandma went on to explain she’d been given them as a ‘favour’ at a wedding she had attended at the weekend.

Even back then as a child I couldn’t understand this concept and my only conclusion was that it was some ‘grown up’ idea of a party bag…?

Like with all things time moves on and new ideas are thought up, new, ‘unique’ favours started to appear in front if guests as…

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