Let’s Add Some Irish Charm

Events According to Jes

In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day this weekend I wanted to showcase some ways to have an upscale professional Irish or Saint Patrick’s Day themed party.


This should be everyone’s favorite part of a Saint Patrick’s Day event! Below are my favorite festive drinks.

Sparkling Shamrock Champagne


Just add melon liqueur and chunks of honeydew
pieces so it has that special green tint. Garnish the
rim with green sugar for a sweet touch.

1 bottle of your favorite dry (Brut) champagne or sparkling wine (around 750 mL
12 ounces of Midouri melon liqueur
Honeydew melon pieces
Green sanding or rimming sugar to garnish

(Photo Credit) 

Mint Chocolate Shamrocktinibebb4dd3ae439ad9cc1f13687a5501a6

1 ounce Creme de Menthe
1/2 ounce Creme de Cocoa
1/2 ounce Absolut vodka
3 ounces 7-Up
Andes Mint (optional garnish)

(Photo Credit)

Then there is always the traditional Irish beer, Guinness, and people always add a little bit of…

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