Kid Free Wedding is a Choice!


Kids can be a great addition to weddings; they are adorable when they dance, they make almost every picture better and they are the perfect ring bearers and flower tossers. However, not everyone wants kids to attend their wedding.
Children tend to be a touchy subject with people. It can really open up a can of worms!


Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about that decision not to invite children.  Besides, depending on the location and setting of your wedding and reception, children might not be appropriate guests.  Remember, it is YOUR choice!


Photo: Babble. Com

If you are inviting many people who have children, the best first step is to make the invitations straight forward and firm. Stating, “You and one guest are invited” or “Adults only please”. You might want to consider providing guests with the names and numbers of local babysitters. Note on the reception “RSVP” card that an adult reception will be held after the ceremony. If the invitation isn’t explicit enough and you get the sense that a guest may be planning on bringing their children, it’s best to face the problem head-on. You or your partner (whoever is closer to the guest) should call to cordially uninvite the little ones. Chalking it up to a misunderstanding!


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