Branding The Occasion


Photo: Mint102. com

Gone is the plain monogram or logo stamped wedding. This year,  it is being replaced by Branding the event. Custom branding really takes the wedding to the next level! The detail that is poured into each and every piece is what separates a branded wedding from the rest.



So, what is wedding branding? Wedding branding is simply the art of telling a couple’s love story through paper, details and design. It usually includes at least one logo, a color palette and a creative font all of which blended create the brand.



The key to branding is CONSISTENCY and it is all about the details. It is going to set the tone for the event and make a lasting impression. The tone can begin with the Save the Date. Incorporate the brand in the invitations, menus, favors, decor, cake, tables, music, event items, wedding web site, and even the bathrooms. Let your imagination run wild!


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