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Why is there sometimes more stress planning a second or third wedding? It’s hard enough to get married again with everyone’s eyes on you, and to feel like you have to live up to the expectations of others! There is no need to hide at the court-house or fret over “What others think”. SO…..RELAX and try to enjoy the process of falling in love again and finding your Person! The good thing is that you are older/wiser and know what you want! If you have done this before, you know what lies ahead. That can give you the one up that you did not have the first time! No matter how many times you get married, the steps are the same!

~ First Things First~

Pick the time of year you want  … Decide on the type of wedding you both want…Start calling venues and secure the date! There are so many choices. This time it is up to both of you to pick what you want!

This time you get to pick the guests! The size of the wedding is up to you and your budget.  If you are having a few relatives and close friends, you may opt for informal invitations. Anything more than 50 guests, just order printed invitations. This time, only your names are on the invitation.  If you keep your guest list on the smaller side, you can  stop a meddler and extra stress much easier.

It’s fun to go anti-traditional! Design the wedding to your wants and likes! Let your imagination run wild! If you want to wear white, wear it, or opt for a pop of color! It is also completely proper to register for gifts and to have a shower. YES, it really is  OK to do that! Many couples ask for donations to their favorite charity if this makes them uncomfortable.

bride wears blush pink wedding dress birdcage veil

Be creative and  get your kids in on the wedding planning.  Children of all ages can join the wedding party. Ask them what they would like and give them options.  Getting them involved is a great way to prevent them from feeling alienated, and will also help them to get excited about your “I do’s.  Make it a family affair and keep the focus on building a strong union


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