Welcome to the “Unplugged” Wedding Trend….


So what is this? Couples are asking their guests to put away their cell phones and cameras during the ceremony so they can really enjoy the moment, without being plugged in…I love this idea. I know, not everyone does. How do you ask your guests to remain unplugged? This can be a very touchy situation. The wording is important because you don’t want to annoy anyone, but rather have them really be “in the moment”. A sign at the wedding could announce your wishes, or a note in your wedding program.  Have the officiant ask everyone turn off all cell phones and cameras so that they can share in this beautiful moment in time! Just get creative and have some fun getting your guests to really enjoy your day being unplugged!


Matte Printed Chalkboard Sign for an Unplugged Wedding..by DesignSmithPaperArts etsy


3 thoughts on “Welcome to the “Unplugged” Wedding Trend….

  1. I agree that it’s an interesting idea because I’ve also seen couples who request that guests participate in an Instagram hashtag for their wedding. I think each example might be taking it a little too far. I don’t want my guests to be too busy on social networks to enjoy the wedding, but I also don’t want them to resent me for making them turn off their phones.

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