TOP 10 DON’TS FOR A GROOM by Vice and Virtue Events

Never enough Groom articles thank you!

Vice & Virtue


1) Do NOT . . . allow anyone to wear jeans to your wedding. Look, we get it; we all have an Uncle Duck Dynasty who threatens to stay home if he can’t rock the wranglers. Don’t let denim dude hijack your day. Send him a pair of big boy pants and be done with it.

2) Do NOT … be drunk at the altar. You know better. Sure, a few beers and a couple nips off the flask are a given but lock it up before game time. You’ll have ample opportunity to disappoint your bride after the ceremony.

3) Do NOT . . . yawn during the exchange of vows. Seriously? If you can watch the same Sportscenter 6 times in a row without blinking, surely you can furrow your brow, squint thoughtfully and strap on your “I’m listening” face for 2 minutes.

4) Do NOT …

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